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How to synchronize files using packets

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SmartSync Pro has a unique feature: files synchronization between computers that are not connected through a local network. Use the following steps to synchronize files.


On the first computer

Choose menu File | New - Profile. The New Profile Wizard will open.

On the first page of the Wizard choose Synchronize with Remote Computer (Packet Mode).

Click the Next button and fill in all of the other pages of the wizard to define which files you want to synchronize and when.

Choose the transfer package method.

Choose menu Sync | Synchronize. SmartSync Pro scans source folders for targeted files and compresses them into a package. The program then copies the package to disk, email or FTP depending on the transfer method you have selected.


On the second computer

If you choose transfer package using Email or FTP then download the package using your Email or FTP client. This operation only needs to be performed once.

Choose menu Sync | Create New Profile and | Apply Updates . SmartSync Pro will ask you to select the package and press the Open button.

The program creates a new profile using information from the package.

The Destination Folders dialog box will open. Enter destination folder for every folder and press the OK button.

SmartSync Pro will begin extracting files from the package. Wait until the process completes.

Now you can choose the transfer package method for the created profile.


Both computers are ready for two-way synchronization.

When you choose menu Sync | Synchronize SmartSync Pro will try to load package from remote computer, apply it and then create package for the local computer.


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