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"Backing up your PC is one of those things, like eating right or changing your oil on time, that everybody knows they're supposed to do, but too few people actually carry off well..."
Walter Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal
What if one day your hard drive crashes or a virus wipes out everything on your computer? Are you aware that in this case you will lose ALL your vital data? Don't wait for that to happen to you!

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Ultimate Backup and Synchronization Solution

Backup and Synchronization   SmartSync Pro is a universal full-featured solution to back up and synchronize data to the local drive, external Flash/USB drive, CD/DVD, NAS, network volumes, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, DropBox and other cloud services.

If your data has been corrupted or lost, you will easily restore it from a backup copy.

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Top 6 reasons to get SmartSync Pro

1. SmartSync Pro is an all-inclusive backup and synchronization solution, intended for broad range of individual and corporate PC users.

2. Flexibility and ease of configuration. Very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

3. Very fast and reliable backups and restores. You will never lose your critical data!

4. Fast, friendly and accurate support.

5. You can easily synchronize computers (e.g. home and office) even not connected over LAN.

6. Multilanguage interface (English, French, German, Chinese...).
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SmartSync Pro 8 has been released!

Key Features

  Backup to any media device, network, FTP, WebDAV
  ZIP compression with strong encryption (AES 256-bit)
  Scheduled backups and real-time synchronization
  Flexible filtering system
  Email notifications
  Can be run as service

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SmartSync Pro has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the most reliable and flexible backup software.
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"I tried out over a dozen synching programs before I ended up using SmartSync Pro. This was the ONLY program I found that had all the features I was looking for, yet was still very intuitive to learn and use."
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