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Synchronization Types

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SmartSync Pro supports three types of synchronization:


Synchronize/Backup files to a local/removable drive or to network share or NAS.

SmartSync Pro has many advanced features to backup or synchronize your important data to a network drive, flash/USB disk, NAS or CD/DVD

You can copy source files to a destination folder, move files, synchronize source and destination folders, compress source files to a single zip file, make a compressed incremental backups. You can restore source files from a backup copy.

Note: Backups to CD/DVD are done via the Packet Writing interface to your CD/DVD drive. Examples of Packet writing interfaces are:
- Roxio Drag-to-Disk
- Nero InCD

Windows 7 supports

Synchronize files to remote server or cloud storage.

SmartSync Pro allows you to synchronize/backup your local folders with remote servers such as FTP/FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox. Files are copied as is or are compressed into ZIP archive and are uploaded to server. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is also supported. For compressed incremental backups it keeps small index files which dramatically increases scanning of backup files and restoring files you need.


Synchronize files on two or more computers that you can't connect through a local network (Packet Mode).

This is an ideal solution for using the same files both at home and in the office.

Trying to do this by hand is fraught with problems. Because files on the remote computer are inaccessible, you have to remember which files have been created, modified updated and deleted on either side. SmartSync Pro does this for you. Another problem is that you may makes this easy by doing it for you. You might also want to synchronize a lot of files, possibly occupying several hundred files or several gigabytes of information, but you usually change are only a couple of hundred KBytes and you want to transfer only changed files to the second computer changing a few hundred kilobytes of data. SmartSync Pro solves this problem makes this easy for you by tracking any changes made since the last synchronization.

When you are ready to move changed files to the remote computer the program transfer your changes to the second computer, it compresses and combines all the changed files into the a single package, which is then copied  that you can copy that to a floppy, Zip, USB drive or CD/DVD disk or that you can send using email or uploaded to an FTP server.

Once the package arrives at the second computer, SmartSync Pro either loads the package from the removable disk or download it from the FTP server and then applies apply any updates to the destination folders.


Synchronize files with a Device or Mobile (MTP).

SmartSync Pro allows you to synchronize/backup file on any device or mobile which supports MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). You can synchronizes your photos, videos and other file types. If you check Profile Properties/Schedule/On disk insertion then it will synchronize your mobile when you attach it to USB.


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