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Reseller Program

How to become a reseller for SmartSync Pro?

It is very easy! Just perform the steps below:

  • Send a message to sales@smartsync.com. Please refer the number of licenses you would like to purchase along with the preferred shipping method - downloadable version or CD version (additional $12.95 plus $2.00 shipping).
  • After receiving this message we'll provide you with the internet URL where you will be able to place an order. We accept all major credit cards and all major payment methods, including checks, phone/fax orders, wire transfer and purchase orders, we can also provide you with an invoice if it is necessary.
  • When you get a new customer for SmartSync Pro you purchase the license for this customer from SmartSync Software using the URL we've sent you (see above). After placing the order please send us the registration name and email to let us create a registration code (unlock code) for your customer. This unlock code will be sent to you within 1 business day. You can also make an upfront purchase for your future customers - we'll send you registration codes upon request when you get a new customer.
  • After receiving the unlock code from SmartSync Software you either send it to the customer together with the instructions or enter it into the trial version of the program on the customer's computer. This will convert the trial version of SmartSync Pro into the fully-functional one.

Reseller discount

SmartSync Software reseller can purchase software at a discount based on the number of licenses that they are purchasing during one month. The discount is calculated as indicated below.

  • 15% discount for 1-5 licenses/month
  • 20% discount for 6-10 licenses/month
  • 30% discount for 10+ licenses/month
Become our Reseller!

If you would like to become an SmartSync Software reseller or you have questions about these opportunities, please e-mail us at sales@smartsync.com.