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Easy, Reliable, Flexible
I have been using SmartSync Pro for 2 1/2 years to back up all my C-drive data files and also to backup my main external drive to a second external drive. It works flawlessly. I use SmartSync Pro in addition to a disk-imaging program that backs up all my drives for full-disk or file-level recovery situations.
SmartSync Pro also keeps past versions of files which is helpful when I have been able to circumvent supposed foolproof autobackup functions in the programs I am working on.
SmartSync Pro is used as my absolute last chance failsafe way to know I have my data files safe when everything else fails. SmartSync Pro has never failed.
It was hard for me to understand the program's several notification functions and options. But this is a minor matter.
After 2 1/2 years I am still very pleased with this reliable program. When I contacted support about how to turn off some notifications, the response was immediate with the answer. The program gets updated periodically.
Forgot to mention SmartSync Pro works great on Win 7 64. Also, the program backs up as files are changed. As I work on my files, they get backed up. This was the whole point of my buying SmartSync Pro in the first place.
And it's fast.
Thank you!
Just like to say THANKS for the hard work the original programmer must have put into Smartsync... It has been great from the beginning... It has helped many of my customers throughout corporate and government businesses over the past several years... I can only continue to recommend this product over many as it’s easy to use and has functionality that outperforms most of the other backup software on the market today...
John Gavalas, Manager/Director/Consultant
The One To Beat!
SmartSync Software has developed a sync program that beats all the others for a price that is a total bargain. The ease of configuration and unbelievable flexibility makes me a big fan. I've been in IT for over 26 years, and I know good software from bad. This product is EXCELLENT and better than most commercial solutions I have seen. Bravo!!!
Rob Alfieri
Great product!
I've gone through many backup solutions. SmartSync Pro is the BEST solution for data backup, archiving, scheduling, etc. I use this program to backup terabytes of information. I even use it across my VPN connections to perform remote backups. Most other synchronization software requires you to have software installed on the source and destination systems. Not SmartSync! It supports UNC paths and Mapped drive letters. The price of the software is very low for this great piece of software compared to others. EMC's Replistore is 2,000/server (and it doesnt support mapped drive letters or UNC paths). I am willing to answer any questions on how I use the software with my clients, feel free to email me.
Fantastic product -- Highly recommended
I tried out over a dozen synching programs before I ended up using Smartsync Pro. This was the ONLY program I found that had all the features I was looking for, yet was still very intuitive to learn and use. It has straight forward approach that makes it more user friendly than it's competition, yet it is deceptively powerful and feature rich. The other apps either had a workflow that I found annoyingly complicated, or they were too simple to offer all the features I needed. One of the aspects of Smartsync Pro that really shines is the organizational feature set, offering things like shortcut creation for instant "double click" syncs, and nested profile "grouping" allowing a great degree of customization in workflow. Other apps offer "some" of these features, but none offers them all like Smartsync Pro. The more I used this program, the more powerful I discovered it to be. On top of all this, the support for this product is outstanding. I emailed tech support about a few bugs I discovered early on, and they were taken care of in record time. They worked with me via email in ironing out the issues, and in at least one case, a new version (with the bug fixed) was made available to me less than 24 hours after I reported the problem -- that's what I call responsive. I've never had a better tech support experience. The bottom line: The makers of Smartsync Pro managed to create an application that matched or beat other apps in terms of ease-of-use, yet surpassed them in features -- I found it to truly be the best of both worlds.
Incredible Product. Incredible Value.
I've only been using it for a day, but it seems to be a complete backup product. There are many options to give you good control over the backup process. I will definitely buy it!
Alan Newman
A great program, packed with features at a great price
The program works like a treat. It has heaps of features, and can be run in multiple different modes (mirror, move, synchronize, etc). The program is very intuitive, and really easy to learn. Jobs can be scheduled, reports can be e-mailed. You can even have to program synchronize 2 computers NOT connected in a LAN easily. What more can you ask for? The author is also very supportive and promptly answers e-mail questions. I'd give this program 5 stars. Well done SmartSync.
Radek Tkaczyk, Computer Systems and Network Engineer