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What's New in SmartSync Pro 7
Multi-threaded copying

The new option speeds up file transfer for remote servers/NAS that have high latency. This is especially effective for copying a large number of small files.

Copy files in parallel
New filter option for subfolders

A new option to include subfolders by name or mask allows you to filter folders more flexibly than ever.

Include folders by mask
Backup to SFTP servers

SmartSync Pro supports backup and synchronization with SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) servers. Allows for the transfer of files over a secure SSH connection. Unlike FTP, which does not encrypt data transfers, SFTP provides the capability to securely transfer data with greater reliability and increased performance.

Backup to SFTP Server
Backup to Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage service developed by Google. SmartSync Pro allows you to backup and synchronize your files directly to Google Drive.

Backup to Google Drive
Backup to DropBox

SmartSync Pro has a native support for DropBox. DropBox is a popular cloud storage service that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration.

Backup to DropBox
Backup to OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft that allows you to store all your important files securely.

Backup to OneDrive

Upgrading is Easy

1. Download new version

Download new version and install it. You can import all profiles and settings during upgrade.

2. Upgrade license key

Upgrade your license key. Discounted upgrade pricing is available to owners of any earlier version of SmartSync Pro. License keys for SmartSync Pro 6.xx are not applicable for version 7. If you have purchased SmartSync Pro 6.xx after December 01, 2018 then you can request a license key for SmartSync Pro 7.xx for free. If SmartSync Pro was bundled with your storage device then you have to upgrade your license key.

3. Activate your copy

Please, look at the flash demo on how to register.