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Walter Mossberg, the author and creator of the weekly Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal, has mentioned repeatedly SmartSync Pro as one of the most reliable and flexible backup and synchronization solutions.

The Mossberg Report:"Recipe for Disaster Recovery"

"IN A TIME OF massive power outages, way too many natural disasters and daily computer breakdowns, it's more important than ever to have a backup copy of your important computer files...
. I downloaded a $45 program called SmartSync Pro, from SmartSync Software, at www.smartsync.com. I selected the folders and files I wanted to back up and configured SmartSync Pro to copy that data at 2 a.m. every day to corresponding folders and files on my new external hard disk. The program took over from there, and I never worried about it again. All my financial data, my columns, my genealogical data, my music, my photos - all are copied faithfully every morning at 2 a.m. to the external hard disk."

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Walt Mossberg's Personal Technology: "PC Backup Is a Must Now; This Method is Simple, Automated"

"Backing up your PC is one of those things, like eating right or changing your oil on time, that everybody knows they're supposed to do, but too few people actually carry off well...
Every night at 2 a.m., SmartSync Pro springs to life and synchronizes key folders I designated on my hard disk with identical folders on the backup drive. After the first backup procedure, the program copies only new or changed files. If I accidentally delete a file or folder, I can easily retrieve it from the backup drive."

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On Computers, "All Backed Up and Synchronized". April 2004.
By Bob and Joy Schwabach

"SmartSync Pro makes automatic backups and synchronizes files between computers, and it does both things exceedingly well. This $45 program is a breeze to use, one of the easiest we've ever run.
You start out by checking off a list of files you want backed up on a regular basis. That list includes things you often forget or can't do with other backup programs: all your e-mail, your desktop, my documents, my pictures, favorites and the all-important address book, for example. If an original file is lost or damaged, a single click will bring it all back from SmartSync. A poll of users at cnet.com showed 100 percent approval, zero disapproval."

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PC Plus, "SmartSync Pro".
By Paul Hudson

"SmartSync Pro does exactly what it says on the tin, synchronizing data across many PCs. It is a very attractive utility...
SmartSync Pro comes with a very well-designed GUI, and care has been taken to always make the current state of things immediately obvious. On the features front, we like what we've seen. There are so many common-sense features here. This really is well-thought out software, and it fills its niche perfectly."

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The Inquirer, "SmartSync: Cast iron s'INQs".
By Charlie Demerjian

"The magic of SmartSync Pro is in the flexibility.
THERE ARE a lot of utilities out there, all claiming to make your life better, the grass greener, and bring world peace that much closer. Yes, the world is full of things to bilk money from the ignorant. One refreshing change from this is a piece of software I was told about a few weeks ago called SmartSync Pro, a product that falls into the 'really useful utility' category. You can keep two directories in sync, but how you do it is rather impressive. It works from drive to drive, over network shares, FTP, removable media (Zips, CD-RW with appropriate software), and probably other things I didn't have time to discover."

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WinPlanet, "Sync Smart. Beyond the Briefcase".
By Gregg Keizer

"There are elegant alternatives to Windows' Briefcase. Among our favorites is SmartSync Pro, a $45 shareware program that, while a bit confusing at first, is far more flexible than twinned folder. For example, SmartSync Pro lets you create a new file while working on your laptop, then updates the desktop automatically."

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