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This application delivers on its promises.
would recommend this little gem to everyone who is looking for an independent, easy, and affordable backup and synchronization software package. Thank you and well done to the folks at SmartSync Software.
Leopardhi, Wahiawa, Hawaii
Super backup product
After years of finding out too late that qic and zip other compressed backup files had fatal and unrecoverable flaws when I needed them to work, I bought an external hard drive with a USB connection and use SmartSync to clone my data files to it. The result is instantly-available backups that I can simply plug into a USB on any other computer if my desktop crashes. No more spanning 20 CDs to backup. It's also great for keeping a laptop and desktop in sync with each other...
Great for Backups and Full of Features!
I find this program most effective at doing backups. Running as a Service under WinNT or Win2k is a real bonus too :)
Best Sync Software
This software is amazingly superb for backup and file sync! It even comes with scheduler as when you want to sync the files. This software is a lot easier and better than FILESYNC 2.18
The Best Backup/Synchronize Software
I found this to be a very resourceful and powerful tool and would recommend it to anyone interested to backing up critical data on a on-going basis. Beats other sync programs...
Hans Zetzer
Fast and easy to use
SmartSync Pro is so fast and easy for backing up your files that backing up suddenly becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. I back up my files once a day on my home computer using Windows XP and a CD-RW. I have been so pleased with the program that I ordered a copy for my work computer and recommended it to my friends.
Best Archiver I have found
have a three computer network. Every two hours, SmartSync Pro updates any changes in my Favorites, My Documents, etc on the two computers I use. Once a day SmartSync Pro does an incremental backup of all three computers, storing the backup on a different computer. Once a month SmartSync Pro does a full backup of each computer, at which time I can throw out all of last months incremental and the old full backup.
Easy to use and very effective
Once you set it up, you just click "run" and it does it automatically. This is a great program for backing up files across the network or to a zip drive!
Great product!
If you are looking buy a data back-up software, SmartSync Pro is the name to look for. Why? It has great features that are easy to use and it integrates beautifully into your computer!