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A SmartSync Pro profile is an object that contains a set of folders, processing and scheduling options, inclusion and exclusion filters. Each profile has a unique name. Synchronization profiles are organized in a tree-like structure. Sets of profiles can also be grouped into a profile group.


How to...


Create new profile

Select menu File | New | Profile, click new_profile_button button on the toolbar or press Ctrl+N and follow the instructions.

Rename profile name

Select a profile you want to rename. Select menu File | Rename or press F2.

Duplicate profile

Select a profile you want to duplicate. Select menu File | Duplicate.

Delete profile

Select a profile you want to delete. Select menu File | Delete or press Ctrl+Delete

Enable/Disable profile

Select a profile you want to enable/disable. Select menu File | Enable/Disable respectively or press Ctrl+E. If you disable the profile then it will now run manually and by scheduler.

Change profile properties

Select a profile and press Alt+Enter or select menu File | Properties or click the properties_button button.

Run profile

Select a profile you want to run. Click run_now_button button or press F5.

Create a shortcut on the Desktop

Select a profile, select menu File | Create a ShortCut on the Desktop. The program will create a shortcut on the Desktop to run the selected profile and then exits the program.


You can move profiles between profile groups using drag and drop. You can also copy folders from one profile to another using drag and drop.


Select a profile group to show common statistics for all profiles in the group.


Profiles are characterized by different icons according to their state

profile - Normal state. The profile is ready to run. Double click the icon to show profile properties.

error - Error state. The profile generated errors during the last synchronization. See log window for details.

sync - Synchronization state. The profile is backing up or synchronizing. Double click the icon to show synchronization progress.

disabled_profile - Disabled state. The profile is disabled. Scheduling is skipped for this profile. Use menu File | Enable/Disable to enable/disable the profile respectively.

inaccessible_profile - Inaccessible state. The profile is inaccessible for the current user. You need a password to access the profile. Profile access is set in the Security page of the profile properties box.

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