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This software ended my search for a full featured synchronization utility
I am a tele-commuter and have the need to synchronize files from my home office to the company office via Zip disk. This software allows me to define multiple profiles that can contain unlimited folders that can be bi-directionaly synchronized.
Daniel Lenox
WOW, where has this product been all my life :-)
This is truly the best sync software I have ever used (and I have used a large number), not only that at $45 it is at a realistic price.
Flexible/reliable utility
Smartsync Pro is really useful to solve small/big problem of data synchronization/replication. Flexible and reliable I've been testing it on 27Gb of data without problems. Can replicate data remotely using shares, FTP, e-mail, or removable supports. It supports data archive (saving directories/files in zip file), authentication, and more... Excellent e-mail based support.
Works as advertised and worth every penny!
After having numerous problems over the past year with XP, and subsequently losing my documents due to my own negligence in backing up, I went looking for an application to automate backups. Found, tried and loved this application. It works seamlessly, is non-intrusive, highly customizable and worth more than the paltry $45 to register. I cannot say enough good things about this application.
Excellent in synchronizing
Several PC's, several folders, working on all files, SmartSync keeps them in sync.
Happy user
Highly Recommended, Great Support
SmartSync Pro provides pretty much every feature you could want for keeping PC's in sync and for handling disk to disk backup of files. Runs as Windows 2000 service so its easy to schedule stuff to happen while you are not around. Support is excellent. I had a little problem with access rights which they worked on diligently until it was fixed.
Great and effective program
Does the job quickly and easily, plus is inexpensive.
Craig Black
Great mirror product
Only been using this for a couple of weeks during the evaluation period but I think it will be a keeper. Fast and full of features. Great support via email. One of the better mirror programs that I like and use every day.
An excellent backup program
A fine product which is a pleasure to use. I am a backup fanatic and I use SmartSync Pro exclusively because of the great features and ease of use. If you have a problem, the author will fix it.
Michael W. Terry
Solid product!
I use SmartSync to synchronise a number of directories between two drives. In this, it works perfectly.
David Indech